• East Timor Travel

    Date: 2009.02.04 | Category: Asia | Tags:

    East Timor also known as Timor-Leste, lies 500 km from the Australian Continent and is located in Southeast Asia. This small country is about the size of Ireland. The capital of this country is Dili and has a population of 857,000. East Timor has been a country that has had times of difficulty and still remains to this day unstable. East Timor has been controlled by and invaded by the Indonesian Army and has been responsible for killing 250,000 people. Although there have been troubles during the history of this small country, it is slowly seeing a brighter future.

    The economy of East Timor is the second lowest in Asia and is considered one of the world’s poorest country. It suffered greatly from the many years of Indonesia having control, which has caused destruction to the country’s foundation and the violence that has occurred over the years. The East Timor government has initiated programs to help establish a better economy. With plans with other countries, the government of East Timor is putting into place into developing their natural gas and petroleum programs through the open market.

    East Timor is an island that has a wet season and a dry season. The average temperature in this country is 32 degrees Celsius but can change in the highlands to being cold in the evenings. It is made up of tropical rainforests, grassy plains, swamps, mountains, beautiful beaches and natural coral reefs within a short distance for the travelers to enjoy.

    The best time to travel to East Timor is during the months of April and July. The traveler will experience not only the beauty of this tropical paradise, but the warmth and kindness of the people.