• Japan Travel

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    Traveling to the country of the “Land of the Rising Sun” can be an exhilarating experience. This vibrant nation has so much to offer the traveler, from the hard working people, to the beauty of this impressive country. Japan offers the traveler sight seeing in some of the most famous places as Mt. Fuji and the cherry blossom trees that will leave a glorious image in your mind forever. There are temples and shrines to visit with an ancient history to experience. Japan is an adventure that will have you telling others for years to come.

    Japan’s economy is the second largest in the world behind the United States. Many of the Japanese exports are computers, cars, and electronics. Japanese trade partners are China and the USA with Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Germany and Thailand. Japan’s major industries consist of real estate; manufacturing, construction and communication are a few. Rice is also a resource that is exported to many countries.

    The climate in Japan is usually very temperate with four seasons. The Northern part of the country the temperature can be on the average in the winder –6 degrees Celsius. In the south, the climate is sub-tropical with humid and hot summers. The average temperature in Naha in the summer is 22.6 degrees Celsius.

    Every season in Japan is enjoyable so any time is the best time to travel. The New Year is a popular time for travelers to Japan. During the month of January, the weather is usually sunny and dry with airfares being low. Many of the major of attractions are not busy with tourists, making it much easier to get around.