• Mongolia Travel

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    In the heart of Asia lies the country of Mongolia. This country has a small population with a vast countryside. The landscape has not changed much since the early days of Genghis Khan. Mongolia is untouched with fresh air to breath in and as far as the eye can see, vast wilderness to take in. Mongolia has beautiful forests, glacial mountains and cold clear lakes. The history and diversity of the land and its people is a discovery for the traveler to experience.

    The economy of Mongolia is based on agriculture, livestock and mining. Mongolia has deposits of copper, molybdenum, coal, gold, tungsten, and tin. Mongolia is the world’s second export of cashmere with 21 percent of the world’s production. The economy has seen improvement just recently and is still recovering.

    Mongolia is known for its long cold winters and short summers. Most of the precipitation occurs in the north and in the south much less. In the extreme south, which is the Gobi (desert), they receive no precipitation in years. Through November to March the temperature is below freezing. During January and February the temperature averages at –20 degrees Celsius during the day and nights of –40 degrees Celsius. In the Gobi region, the temperatures in the summer reach 38 degrees Celsius. Most of the country is covered with permafrost, which can hamper construction of roads and mining.

    The best time to travel to Mongolia is between May to September, which is the peak season for tourists. If you want to visit the Gobi, the best time is during June to September.