• Uzbekistan Travel

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    Uzbekistan is located in the central part of Central Asia. The Pamir-alay Mountains lie in the southeast and The Kyzy-Kum Desert is across the Northern half of the country. Although Uzbekistan has ancient history to discover, it also has modern characteristics. Western culture and Eastern culture has come together to have an agreeable existence. There are many different ethnic communities throughout the country, which create a collection of cultures. Uzbekistan is a safe country to visit with hospitable and friendly people to greet you.

    Uzbekistan has a distinguished history with a rich heritage. Located right in the middle of the Great Silk Road, for centuries, caravans made their way across the desert. Excavations revealed of Margiana civilization that up to just recently was unknown. Uzbekistan has many historical and ancient sights to be explored in the towns of Merv, Nisa and Koneurgench.

    Uzbekistan’s economy is made up of energy resources, which are gas, coal, oil, and hydro. Agriculture is important which employs 26 percent of the labor force. Some of the products that are grown are wheat, jute, cotton, vegetables and fruit.

    The climate of Uzbekistan is continental with cool winters and hot summers. The average temperature in the summer will often surpass 40 degrees Celsius, while the winter temperature will average –23 degrees Celsius but can reach lows as much as –40 degrees Celsius. July and September there is little rain so vegetation does not grow during these months.

    The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in between the months of April till the end of June and August to the end of October. The temperatures are extremely hot during July and August and will make sightseeing very tiring to say the least.