• Enrich your idea about Canouan island airport

    Date: 2011.02.28 | Category: Canouan island | Tags:

    Officially known as the Canouan Island Airport, the only international airport in the Canouan Island remains very busy these days. This island is very attractive these days as one can find colorful airplanes everyday getting lined up there.

    The airport is allowing huge number of visitors from all parts of the world. The airport maintains a time that is -4.00 hours from the GMT/UTC. It is one of the most beautiful airports that has a wide range of informative systems that are absolutely helpful for the visitors. The display boards of different kinds also help the travelers in a very meaningful way.

    The airport has two parts, one each for the domestic terminal and international terminal. Both the parts are managed nicely by the airport authority. Canouan airport is rated at a high rank among all the busy airports in the world.