• Sri Lanka Travel

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    Sri Lanka is located on the southeast end of Asia. This country is an island and is off the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka has beautiful landscapes, lagoons, beaches, forests, rivers, and mountains with plenty of wildlife. It is filled with culture and history making it a fascinating place to explore. There are many activities and places for the traveler to explore from festivals, water sports, hiking, spas, shopping and entertainment. Much of Sri Lanka’s economy is within the agriculture community. It makes up for 38 percent of the men and women that are employed. Many of the cash crops that are grown are coconuts, rubber, tea, and rice. Most of rural population of Sri Lanka grows rice for their livelihood. Manufacturing industries make up 17 percent of people that are employed in this sector. Textiles, petroleum products, ceramics, fertilizers, vegetable oils, and cement are products that are manufactured. The service sector employs 45 percent of people in finance, banking and retail. Sri Lanka has abundance of natural resources because of its equatorial climate. The soil is rich and with the rainfalls makes ideal growing conditions. The average temperature for Sri Lanka is 26 to 28 degree Celsius with the nights much cooler. May is the warmest month after the monsoon rains have finished. January is the coolest month where many people will need to wear a sweater or coat. November and April are the driest times, making it the best time to travel to Sri Lanka. Many of the outdoor activities such as beaches, hiking and sightseeing are more comfortable during these months with plenty of sunshine and good temperatures.