• Top 5 Shows to See in Phuket

    Date: 2011.12.22 | Category: Asia | Tags:

    1. Phuket FantaSea Show
    This amazing Las-Vegas style spectacle show is perhaps the most famous show of Phuket holidays right now. The inspiration and theme of FantaSea is Phuket’s exotic traditions, mythical legends and rich history. FantaSea is the visual spectacle show of the theme park by the same name. With a venue encompassed by 144 acres of games, shopping, rides and amusement, the show ‘FantaSea’ is a must see.

    2. Phuket Simon Cabaret
    Whether drag shows are your thing or not, Simon Cabaret is a true piece of visual art not to be missed. The transvestites of Phuket are known worldwide as taking the act of cross dressing to a level of true artistry. These men make the most beautiful women look dull in comparison.

    The Simon Cabaret is also a true class-act show. Phuket holidays are not complete without seeing the world famous ‘Ladyboys.’ The costumes, special effects, sets and lighting are phenomenal. The show, as a whole, is considered world class entertainment that can only be seen in Phuket.

    3. The Joe Conrad Illusionist Show
    In the traditions of true Las Vegas dynamics, the American illusionist, Joe Conrad, has taken up residence in the Phuket theatre world, to packed houses daily. He has been called “one of the greatest showman of all times” by locals of Las Vegas and Phuket. His shows runs twice daily at his theatre in Jungceylon in Patong. As a true performer, he is not just illusion acts but he is also full of wit and comedy that makes his show great for the family.

    4. The Show at Palazzo Theatre & Restaurant
    True acrobatic genius has come out of Asia for centuries. At The Show at Palazzo Theatre, be prepared to see some of Asia’s most magnificent acrobats, dancers and physical artists. Your jaw will drop at their abilities and showmanship.

    5. Phuket Stunt Show
    If you want to see death-defying feats and human courage pushed to the outer limits, this show is for you. Not only do the stuntpeople risk life and limb at every performance, they do so nightly. There is also a section of the show that is known as an ‘Aqua-Spectacular’ that is other-worldly.