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    Date: 2011.03.25 | Category: Africa | Response: 0

    Angola has had trouble with civil war for many years, but now many travelers want to discover this wondrous country of forests, rivers and plains. With Angola now having political settlement, this country is now finding peace amongst its borders with travelers wanting to discover the beauty, culture, and the history of this great land. Angola has a natural attractiveness with waterfalls and a picturesque coastline that will take your breath away.

    Angola has one of the fastest growing economies in the world due to oil, gas, diamonds, and agriculture. Since the war, Angola is still trying to repair and build their country up. Because of oil prices rising and production of oil, Angola has risen in growth in recent years. Angola also produces diamonds, which make them the third largest produce in Africa.

    The climate of Angola is tropical like most of Africa. They experience dry seasons and wet seasons. North Angola the wet season often lasts between September to April. Southern Angola the wet season starts in November to February. Much of the precipitation is in the north and increases with altitude. The average temperature at the mouth of the Congo is 26 degrees Celsius. July and August tend to be the coolest months.

    The best time to travel to Angola is during the coolest months of June to September. Not only are they much cooler, but also the climate is dryer making traveling much more pleasurable. Many of the back roads become deep in mud and enjoying the beaches in a downpour makes it not as enjoyable.

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