• Sri Lanka Travel

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    Sri Lanka is located on the southeast end of Asia and it is in the same area where Cambodia, Thailand, Lao is. This country is an island and is off the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka has beautiful landscapes, lagoons, beaches, forests, rivers, and mountains with plenty of wildlife. It is filled with culture and history making it a fascinating place to explore. There are many activities and places for the traveler to explore from festivals, water sports, hiking, spas, shopping and entertainment. Much of Sri Lanka’s economy is within the agriculture community. It makes up for 38 percent of the men and women that are employed. Many of the cash crops that are grown are coconuts, rubber, tea, and rice. Most of rural population of Sri Lanka grows rice for their livelihood. Manufacturing industries make up 17 percent of people that are employed in this sector.

    Textiles, petroleum products, ceramics, fertilizers, vegetable oils, and cement are products that are manufactured. The service sector employs 45 percent of people in finance, banking and retail. Sri Lanka has abundance of natural resources because of its equatorial climate. The soil is rich and with the rainfalls makes ideal growing conditions. The average temperature for Sri Lanka is 26 to 28 degree Celsius with the nights much cooler. May is the warmest month after the monsoon rains have finished. January is the coolest month where many people will need to wear a sweater or coat. November and April are the driest times, making it the best time to travel to Sri Lanka. Many of the outdoor activities such as beaches, hiking and sightseeing are more comfortable during these months with plenty of sunshine and good temperatures.

  • Airline Tickets for lowest prices

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    Cheap airline tickets are something which everyone will look for. With the increase in competition in the market, the airline fares have surely came down but the competition still exists. This gives rise to the numerous plans which aim at reduction of the airline fares to as less as possible. Now days, there are ways in which people are offered up to sixty percent off on particular travel tickets. When it comes to cheap tickets, deals and negotiations are common now days.

    There are also provisions for air tickets which are similar to that of post paid connection on your network. People now days can choose to travel first and then pay later. This kind of provision had not come into existence since recently. But now people have options.
    The competition has benefited numerous people for whom travelling in airlines was a mere dream a few years back. Both the domestic as well as the international culture has changes and the effects are positive for the people who look for the lowest prices to buy a ticket.

    In present scenario, there is this fact that people have numerous options, but with this facility, people have the same number of increased risks. People who are not taking precaution properly are prone to frauds. So, in such circumstances, it is advisable that the people must have proper knowledge and the actual standard prices of the tickets of airways. Both the domestic and international prices must be taken care of along with the additional penalties.

  • Organize Your Trip with Cheap Package Holidays

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    The cheap package holidays do not only represent the most affordable way to organize a trip but also the easiest one. The reason for this is that in most cases the package holiday tour operators organize all the arrangements that relate to a holiday including transportation, accommodation, places to visit,
    additional activities and many more. Therefore, regardless of the destination that you intend to choose for your holiday you can get the best out of it by simply opting for one of the cheap package holidays.

    As you might already know, these package holidays include cheap hotels and flights. However, a truly great thing is the fact that some of them allow you to choose specific things such as the hotel, transportation option and places to visit. This actually means that some cheap package holidays provide a series of option from which a traveler can choose his or her favorites.

    Some of these holidays also include luxury hotels, great transportation options, entertainment programs, spas, attractive activities and many other facilities that can easily turn a regular holiday into a splendid vacation. Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that most tour operators, who provide cheap package holidays, allow you to check their offers and even complete the booking process online. Therefore, if you are searching for such services the only thing that you must do is to look over the web and choose the most advantageous offers.

    Obviously, online booking can help you to save a lot of time, effort and energy. Even greater is the fact that most online booking programs also bring along great discounts that cannot be achieved through regular booking. However, in order to get the best possible deal you should always compare the facilities,prices and terms of the available offers. Although this thing might seem not so easy, you must bear in mind that you can find a lot of websites that offer cheap package holidays. Therefore, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience in order to find the most advantageous offers in terms of price and conditions.

    Another thing that you should know about the package holidays is the fact that the best possible deals are provided by the last-minute offers. In most cases, these offers allow you to get some truly great rates and service. However, as the name suggests, the last-minute cheap package holidays do not let any
    chance for planning.

  • Top 5 Shows to See in Phuket

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    1. Phuket FantaSea Show
    This amazing Las-Vegas style spectacle show is perhaps the most famous show of Phuket holidays right now. The inspiration and theme of FantaSea is Phuket’s exotic traditions, mythical legends and rich history. FantaSea is the visual spectacle show of the theme park by the same name. With a venue encompassed by 144 acres of games, shopping, rides and amusement, the show ‘FantaSea’ is a must see.

    2. Phuket Simon Cabaret
    Whether drag shows are your thing or not, Simon Cabaret is a true piece of visual art not to be missed. The transvestites of Phuket are known worldwide as taking the act of cross dressing to a level of true artistry. These men make the most beautiful women look dull in comparison.

    The Simon Cabaret is also a true class-act show. Phuket holidays are not complete without seeing the world famous ‘Ladyboys.’ The costumes, special effects, sets and lighting are phenomenal. The show, as a whole, is considered world class entertainment that can only be seen in Phuket.

    3. The Joe Conrad Illusionist Show
    In the traditions of true Las Vegas dynamics, the American illusionist, Joe Conrad, has taken up residence in the Phuket theatre world, to packed houses daily. He has been called “one of the greatest showman of all times” by locals of Las Vegas and Phuket. His shows runs twice daily at his theatre in Jungceylon in Patong. As a true performer, he is not just illusion acts but he is also full of wit and comedy that makes his show great for the family.

    4. The Show at Palazzo Theatre & Restaurant
    True acrobatic genius has come out of Asia for centuries. At The Show at Palazzo Theatre, be prepared to see some of Asia’s most magnificent acrobats, dancers and physical artists. Your jaw will drop at their abilities and showmanship.

    5. Phuket Stunt Show
    If you want to see death-defying feats and human courage pushed to the outer limits, this show is for you. Not only do the stuntpeople risk life and limb at every performance, they do so nightly. There is also a section of the show that is known as an ‘Aqua-Spectacular’ that is other-worldly.

  • Thailand travel –Sight Attractive and Exotic Locations

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    South East Asia holds within itself the most attractive tourist spot in the world the –Thailand. It is a kingdom nation with rich fauna, flora and other natural resources along with the abundant cultural monuments and buildings. Thailand travel consists of the beautiful exotic beaches and finest islands which has become the best destination for most of the beach lovers and explorers.

    Attractive features of the Island Beaches in Thailand

    One of the tourist attractions that has enchanted the visitors of this exotic place of Thailand are its enticing beaches. The appealing beauty of the islands is the surrounding beaches which is so exciting that the tourists are urged to visit Thailand again. Following are the few islands and beaches that you can visit since it offers endless entertainment with ultimate relaxation

    • If you want a family togetherness then you can go for Khao lak, Ko Phi Phi and Krabi beaches to enjoy.

    • If you want the best escapade with exciting hustle bustle then hua hin and phuket are your best choice.

    • The perfect destination for those night bees there is unlimited erotic fun in the Ko Samuh islands.

    • There are plenty of water sports like the sport fishing, scuba diving and the snorkeling etc to give you the extreme aqua fun.

    • The island beaches consist of lots of boutique hotels and beach resorts for you to taste the passionate holiday of relaxation and rejuvenation.

    • If you want to experience the chill cool climate with some real skiing adventure then you can just travel to the Tsakhadzor in Armenia that is closer.

    • There are marine parks in Thailand that offer varieties of activities such as the bird watching, nature photography, trekking, camping and much more.

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