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    India has been known for many centuries as a wondrous place to travel too. India offers the traveler beautiful scenery, from warm and inviting beaches, to snow capped mountains, to gorgeous flora and fauna, to illuminated deserts. The diversity of this country brings people from all around the world to experience this magical and spiritual place that the traveler will never forget.

    The history of India is a story in it self! Thousands of years this country has seen new religions, disasters and invasions. This country has held strong throughout everything it has endured and has shown diverse and ways to reinvent themselves. India will be able to meet anything that comes its way in the future.

    India’s economy has shown growth in the past years and is still improving. India is the eleventh largest economy in the world with large amounts of skilled professionals. Many industries in India are food processing, telecommunications, textiles, mining, chemicals and steel. India has also boasted software and information technology services. Agriculture products that are produced include wheat, rice, cotton, tea, jute, oilseed, sugarcane, cattle, sheep, poultry, goats and fish.

    India has three seasons which consist of the wet season, the hot, and the cool. Because of the size of India, the temperature can vary. The monsoon rains occur during June and September which they receive a substantial amounts of rain. The best time to travel to India is during the cooler season of November to February. During the hot season, if the traveler is looking for more comfortable temperatures, it can be found in the northern Himalayan region.