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    There is so much to excite the traveler when Indonesia is their destination of choice. Consisting of 17,504 tropical islands, Indonesia is known for their beautiful white sandy beaches. It is the largest archipelago in the world which is located between the Pacific and Indian oceans. They have many well-known and traveled islands, but the most well known island is Bali. Indonesia has islands that still to this day have not yet been explored. With green rainforests, mountain views, and beautiful beaches, Indonesia is a favorite destination for travelers from every walk of life.

    The history of Indonesia has shown that archipelago have inhabited these islands since prehistoric times making it one of the oldest known having lived there over a million years ago. Evidence has shown that trade between the islands, China and India have been dated back to the first century AD. Islam is the most popular religion in Indonesia since the 13th century.

    Indonesia’s economy is the largest in Southeast Asia and is a market-based economy, which the government plays a role in 164 state-owned businesses and companies. The government dispenses prices on goods such as rice, electricity and fuel.

    The climate in Indonesia is tropical and consists of two seasons, dry and rainy. The dry season is between the months of June to September with the rest of the months being rainy. The dry season is the best time to travel with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. The temperature in Indonesia can be very hot with high humidity, so when traveling through this wonderful country bring lots of sunscreen and water.