• China Travel

    Date: 2008.12.07 | Category: Asia | Tags:

    China is one of the most desirable and popular destinations for travelers. Located on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean and in the eastern part of Eurasia, China is the third largest country in the world. This vast country has an abysmal history and is one the most ancient civilizations of the world. The Chinese ancestors have left behind great relics as the Great Wall of China and Chinese calligraphy. This beautiful country will leave you with lasting memories of your travels.

    China’s economy is the third largest in the world following Japan and United States. China not only has the fastest growing economy but also is the second largest trading country in the world. Agriculture and industry are the largest resources that contribute to China’s economy. These two resources alone employ more then seventy percent of working people.

    China is such a large country that the temperature varies according to region. There are monsoon areas and rainfall zones. In the summer it is hot and rainy, but in the winter, it is cold and dry.

    The best time to travel to China is during the autumn. Temperatures during September and October are more comfortable for the traveler with the average of 50 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. During these months the rainfall is limited. Spring can also be a good time to travel to China with temperatures averaging the same as autumn. Traveling in the summer is extremely hot and humid while traveling in the winter can be very cold especially in the northern part of the country.